about me

my name's finn - or hallow, or fiver. i made this website as a creative/archival project and to know that i exist.

not all of this site is mobile-friendly; sorry about that!


"in my head hallow is a little doll man who i love and cherish and [he] sleeps in a little cabinet" - chess


"i'll bite you until you stop. until you stop moving" - visi

"thw other two make yoi sound like a waterfowl" - storm

Dinosaurs click here for my full blinkie collection!


march 15th, 2024

happy ides of march! for a while i've been meaning to do something with my blinkie collection. on one hand, i know that they make my homepage unfriendly (or even dangerous) to photosensitive people - and on the other, i have more blinkies than i can show off up there! i finally made a gallery page for my full blinkie collection. i've also replaced some of them on this page with still images.

february 8th, 2024

new poem, more organization, more animals - and hopefully more coming later this week! :)

september 6th, 2023

doing a tiny bit of restructuring behind the scenes. some things are linked in places they weren't before, there might be a couple dead links somewhere.

june 19th, 2023

a new comic and some poetry are now available on the dark index page.

may 13th, 2023

a minor update - there's a new page with some oddities i wanted to share. it's available via most pages, you'll see it in the navbar on the left.

april 5th, 2023

a new comic, and a new page on the dark index. :)

april 2nd, 2023

there's something on the other end of the maze now! soon you'll be able to skip past it once you know the path but rn it's getting late.

march 20th, 2023

i made another minigame... making silly little things like this makes coding fun again, lol. check it out.

march 19th, 2023:

i built another little minigame, which is now accessible from the sidebar. :) also added a new gender page and some teasers of other upcoming pages, though i can't promise when they'll be live.

march 12th, 2023:

the index page got a revamp today! i removed the grid code and replaced it with a flexbox system that's a lot less chaotic and looks nicer. also added a new blinkie, lol. while i was upgrading things a bunch of wizards snuck in so uh, watch out.

SCP-2256, "Very Tall Things", portrayed by Darkgreeny