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dinosaur appreciator, fifth church hype guy, cyberwizard producer of wifi spells and e-hexes. my name's finn - or hallow, or fiver, i like to keep my options open. i'm a programmer and database enthusiast. i made this website as a creative/archival project and to satisfy my need to talk about myself at length.

might revamp this landing page, soon?


"in my head hallow is a little doll man who i love and cherish and [he] sleeps in a little cabinet" - chess


"i'll bite you until you stop. until you stop moving" - visi


november 28th, 2022:


november 24th, 2022:

jesus, it's been a while. i've been busy! or, well, i recently got less busy. after spending a nice long time laying the foundations for a career in web dev i haven't had the energy for hobbyist coding...

i haven't forgetten this site, though! i've updated the media page with a couple new titles i fell in love with over the long autumn: jordan peele's NOPE, and martin scorsese's Goncharov.

july 12th, 2022:

scp hub is up! there's a looot more that i could and want to put in there, but that can happen later.

SCP-2256, "Very Tall Things", depicted by Darkgreeny

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