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Words I Coined

Diamasculine & Diafeminine

Being transmasculine in one sense, but not the other. Someone who is not a man / masc-aligned, but is transitioning towards masculinity; OR; a man / masc-aligned person who is not transitioning towards masculinity.
Being transfeminine in one sense, but not the other. Someone who is not a woman / fem-aligned, but is transitioning towards femininity; OR; a woman / fem-aligned person who is not transitioning towards femininity.

Conmasculine & Confeminine

A person who was assigned male, and is not transfeminine. This term includes cisgender men and some nonbinary people.
A person who was assigned female, and is not transmasculine. This term includes cisgender women and some nonbinary people.



A gender that is a mixture of masculine and feminine, and/or male and female, elements. This is an alternate name for "eclipsian" and meant to fit in with the galactian system; the name is derived from Tellus Mater, a Roman personification of the Earth, and was chosen because Earth is between the Sun and Moon and in reference to the diversity of Earth life.

I actually originally coined this because some intersex people are uncomfortable with perisex people using the word "androgyne", and I wanted to have an adjective-like word that fit in my mouth better than "eclipsian" does, though I ended up not sharing it with anyone for a long time.

no flag

A gender that feels haunted, or like a haunting. It might be unpredictable or difficult to grasp, maybe even seeming to have a mind of its own. It could be frightening, or seem to be swayed by or made of strong emotions.

Flag is inspired by the aesthetic imagery of ghosts and haunted houses. I identified with this term when I coined it (late 2021), but not so much anymore.

A gender that feels like it's in transition or at the midpoint between two or more others, being both and yet neither; an ambiguous, interstitital gender. Name is derived from Urvogel, an informal name for Archaeopteryx lithographica, chosen for its status as a famous transitional fossil. Similar to the term "midgender".
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A gender that feels like a fake or hoaxed version of another. I guess most people would append this to another gender term. Name is taken from Mary Toft, who conducted a hoax where she claimed to have given birth to a litter of rabbits.
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An otherworldly gender that feels like a corrupted, corroded, altered, or invaded version of a more "normal", earthly gender. The earth-toned rainbow on the flag represents a mundane gender that is being "cut into" by another force. If you know you know.

Flag Designs

Myself, and my thoughts

What do I identify as?

Genderfluid transmasc, male, prettyboy, janegirl, occasional a-/bigender, bisexual men-liker, otter-in-the-making, could-be-a-pony, aspiring drag queen, queer.