Hey! I write a lot of stuff. I like to talk! This page is a sort of table-of-contents for the writing and personal thoughts hosted on this site, so it's a little easier to find your way around (given the nested pages), and so I don't bloat the navbars.

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[ x ]   Media reviews and analysis.

[ x ]   Dedicated page for There is No Antimemetics Division.

[ x ]   Thoughts about The Mountain Goats.

[ x ]   Video games I feel strongly about.

[ x ]   Comics I wanted to preserve.

[ x ]   Memory lane. :)

[ x ]   SCP hub.

[ x ]   ;)

Again - see the TiNAD page!

[ x ]   Cool stuff from around the Internet.

[ x ]   Kaiju Theory. This is actually the text of an Angelfire page; the first section really stuck with me.

[ x ]   Tarot assignments for some of my OCs. Not a full deck, not a full list of my OCs, but it's fun anyway.