This is a collection of interesting, useful, or just fun websites I've found in my day. Browse around, and see what you find.

Every Noise at Once

A 2D chart of music genres, arranged in terms of more organic vs more mechanical, and "denser" vs. "spikier". Clicking a genre name will play a sample, and display an arrow leading to a chart of musicians in that genre.


A store with guides to interpreting astrology and tarot and Lenormand cards.

Domestic Cats


I primarily use this website as a resoure on cat colors and genetics, but it has a lot of information on felines in general, plus other topics and even some personal writing. I haven't explored much, so you'll have to familiarize yourself!

Cat Coat Calculator

Input the (coat-related) genotypes of two cats, and get an inventory of what their kittens might look like! Useful for xenofiction-related matters.

Munsell Color Wheel

Virtual Munsell Color Wheel
Munsell Color Palette

The Munsell wheel is a tool for comparing colors that adjusts for the way some colors look inherently brighter or more saturated than others. On a Munsell wheel, every color in a given column should look equally saturated, and every color in a given row should look equally bright, no matter the hue. It was developed to analyze soil samples, but I find the color theory of it interesting.


An online tool that analyzes Amazon reviews in search of reviews that may be fraudulent.

Note-taking Apps


I personally use Obsidian very frequently.

Paleontology and Deep Time

The Paleobiology Database

What really makes this site stand out is its interactive map. You can filter by time period and taxon and explore the map to see the where and when of what.

Mark P. Witton's Blog

Mark Witton is a paleontologist and paleoartist from the UK - he specializes in pterosaurs, but releases monthly articles about a variety of paleontology and paleoart topics.

Deep Time Maps

High-definition maps of the world as it once was.

An in-depth guide to anything and everything trilobite.


GPlates is a downloadable app for visualizing plate tectonics. The website also has a portal to a bunch of 2D resources for plate tectonics and topography in deep time, though I haven't looked around much. If you're using GPlates, I also suggest checking out the PALEOMAP Paleoatlas, which is a free-to-download GPlates project going back billions of years.


This was the direct inspiration for the page you're on now. It's another collection of links to interesting or useful webpages, and I recommend exploring.

Vimm's Lair

Vimm's Lair is home to... probably hundreds of ROMs for console games, particularly older games, plus emulators so you can play them on your PC!

Beginner's Code Resources


Bootstrap is a library of CSS snippets to make styling web pages a little easier. I personally don't really use it, because it's very opinionated about what your website should look like, but it remains a valuable resource.

Mozilla Developer Network

This is my favorite resource for JavaScript.


W3Schools is another web development resource. They cover a lot of different languages; they're my go-to for information on HTML or CSS, though I find their JavaScript documentation kind of confusing.

"Real" Alignments?

I don't even remember how I found this anymore. Apparently, some people really dislike the classic DnD alignment system - this page presents an alternate alignment system, or an alternate way of thinking of the classic one, depends how you look at it.


You know, I did not believe free forum hosting was a thing, and now that I know it is I have never wanted to make a forum more. If you're part of a community - hell, even a friend group! - that you think might benefit from one, here's your answer.

Tools for creating ideas

The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory. This collection is more geared towards groups and businesses, but there's still some suggestions for individual creators! And hey, maybe you're like me and like roleplays and you and your mod team need a little help.

Mysterious People

Mysterious People is about... well, mysterious people. The site is home to stories of psychics, reincarnation, magicians, occultists, and people who seem to have appeared out of thin air. I can't vouch for the factual nature of most (or any) of these stories, but they're still fun reading.

Jackrabbit Hare - Soundcloud
Jackrabbit Hare - Bandcamp

I'm friends with a musician. It makes experimental and electronic music that I highly recommend listening to. "Robot Apocalypse Messiah", "Cutting Through Ribs" (Disparate Parts), and "MISTAKE" (Theories on Bodies) are some of my personal favorites.

Creating planets, stars, and other bodies

An Apple Pie from Scratch

Quoth Carl Sagan, "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." This blog is home to a comprehensive walkthrough of the formation of a planetary system and the shaping of a planet therein, specifically styled with worldbuilders in mind. Similar resources are available on the sidebar.