~* TAROT *~

Major Arcana

the fool -- casper mackenna

UPRIGHT: beginnings, freedom, innocence, originality, adventure, idealism, spontaneity

INVERTED: reckless, careless, distracted, naive, foolish, gullible

the magician

the high priestess

the empress

the emperor

the hierophant -- delphi xiang

UPRIGHT: traditon, convention, education, knowledge, handed-down beliefs

INVERTED: restriction, independence, unconventionality, questioning tradition

the lovers

the chariot -- white rabbit blackwell

UPRIGHT: success, ambition, determination, willpower, control, self-discipline, focus

INVERTED: forceful, no direction, no control, powerless, aggression, obstacles


the hermit -- arzi clement

UPRIGHT: self-reflection, introspection, contemplation, withdrawal, solitude, search for self

INVERTED: loneliness, isolation, recluse, being anti-social, rejection, returning to society

the wheel of fortune -- aida nejem

UPRIGHT: change, cycles, fate, luck, fortune, decisive moments, unexpected events

INVERTED: bad luck, lack of control, clinging to control, unwelcome changes, delays

justice -- vashti behnam

UPRIGHT: justice, consequence, accountability, truth, honesty, integrity, cause and effect

INVERTED: injustice, retribution, dishonesty, corruption, unfairness, avoiding accountability

the hanged man



the devil

the tower

the star

the moon

the sun

the world


ace of wands

two of wands

three of wands

four of wands

five of wands

six of wands

seven of wands

eight of wands

nine of wands -- stigmata montagne

UPRIGHT: last stand, persistence, grit, resilience, perseverance, close to success, fatigue

INVERTED: stubbornness, rigidity, defensiveness, refusing compromise, giving up

ten of wands

page of wands

knight of wands

queen of wands

king of wands


ace of cups

two of cups

three of cups

four of cups

five of cups

six of cups

seven of cups -- hyzenthlay absil

UPRIGHT: choices, searching for purpose, illusion, fantasy, daydreaming, wishful thinking, indecision

INVERTED: lack of purpose, disarray, confusion, diversion, distractions, clarity, making choices

eight of cups

nine of cups

ten of cups

page of cups

knight of cups

queen of cups

king of cups


ace of swords

two of swords

three of swords

four of swords

five of swords

six of swords

seven of swords

eight of swords

nine of swords

ten of swords

page of swords

knight of swords

queen of swords

king of swords -- samuel lazarus

UPRIGHT: reason, authority, discipline, integrity, morality, serious, high standards, strict

INVERTED: irrational, dictator, oppressive, inhumane, controlling, cold, ruthless, dishonest


ace of pentacles

two of pentacles

three of pentacles

four of pentacles

five of pentacles

six of pentacles

seven of pentacles

eight of pentacles

nine of pentacles

ten of pentacles

page of pentacles

knight of pentacles

queen of pentacles

king of pentacles